Education and technology are essential phases of modern society, addressing career needs to upgrade, retrain, and maintain occupational choices and technology literacy for all members of society whether it be in K-12, higher education, or the “real world”.  Educational technology allows the integration of academics and technology with the primary goal of allowing both teachers and students  the ability to teach and learn through the use, management, assessment, and understanding of technology integration.   Having a broad and critical understanding of technology integration is crucial for educators of today and tomorrow so that we can formulate strategies and best practices that will assist all students become successful learners in the modern society. I believe that through the combination of the 3Rs and the 4C’s we can help all of our students succeed now and in the future.

As an educator I embrace teaching as an opportunity to inspire and empower.  It is my goal as an educator to enhance student learning that will allow them to transform their learning experience in a way that it will make them feel personally changed.  I like to generate discussions about learning and empowerment in order to help students sharpen their critical thinking skills that will then enable them to transgress beyond any limitations they may see before them.  By listening and learning about my students and their experiences it has and will continue to help me consider new ways of making course material relevant so that they take ownership of their own learning. Teaching is no longer about instructing or imparting information but rather it is igniting a fire for learning; empowering students to take responsibility for their learning.  By empowering those we teach we create a courage to grow intellectually and develop a curiosity for learning and continued learning.

Teaching is a privileged position that demands humility as much as respect.   It is crucial that educators not only recognize the power inherent in their role but that they are self-reflective about their actions and have the ability to change and adapt as needed in order to assist students become successful.  As educators and leaders we need to look closely at how and what we teach and recognize that we need to be flexible and adaptable to the quick changing world full of technology.  While there may be no easy fix or true answer on how to prepare our students for the future we must pursue it honestly and courageously in order to prepare our students not only on what they need to learn, but rather on how to use all the available resources around them to show them how to learn so they can continue to learn and prepare themselves for the quick changing world of tomorrow.